Push & Paste ~ Send text from desktop to iPhone/iPad quickly ~

bannerPush & Paste” is OS X, Chrome Extension and iOS applications enable you to sent text note from desktop to iPhone/iPad quickly. This application have been applied for the Evernote Devcup 2013.


What’s New

  • ver. 1.1 (09/24/2013)
    • Added iPad support
    • Added functionalities
      • Send text to LINE app.
      • Search on App Store.
    • Added a feedback form (Please give us your feedback!)
    • Other some improvements.


Screen Shots

From Mac (OS X)

Pop-up window

You can quickly send a text note from the pop-up window.

To iPhone (iOS)

Push Notification on iPhoneNote detail view on iPhone

You can receive the note via Push Notification and quickly access to the note. Then you can copy the text, open Safari, Search Maps with the text, create new mail message, call phone if it is a telephone number, etc…